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About Me


My name is Daniela and I started this business in Spring of 2021. 

We were in the midst of lockdown, I was grappling with my new reality as a mom and quite frankly, I needed something that was all mine. Something that I could control and grow and cultivate.

I picked up polymer clay and began to create. In a season when everything felt out of sorts, the beautiful earrings I was making grounded me and brought me joy. I soon began to gift and eventually sell them, and I was able to see them also bring joy to others.

When wearing a bold pair of earrings I feel most myself: bold, beautiful, more put together. My hope is that my earrings evoke that same feeling in you.

Since 2021 we have expanded to acrylic, curated gold styles, laser cut accessories, and soon hand smithed metal.

This growth and evolution would not be possible with your support so thank you for being here.