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Talavera Elenas-preorder

Talavera Elenas-preorder

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A bold earring with a textured blue top, a talavera center and a crystal gold bottom

This collection was inspired by Mexican talavera. Although talavera was introduced by Spaniards during colonial times, Mexican talavera is distinct in its use of indigenous floral motifs. Although talavera can be many colors, blue and white is the most common form of talavera. The talavera slab from which these earrings were cut was handmade and so every earring in this collection is different and items that ship may vary slightly from those photographed.

Made of

-polymer clay, gold plated post, gold plated jump rings


- Dimensions: 2.5"


Polymer clay is extremely durable but all earrings should be treated with care to ensure a long life :) 


Each earring is is dreamed up, custom colored, conditioned, cut, baked, hand drilled, assembled and photographed by me.