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Celestial Studs

Celestial Studs

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All of the earrings in the Celestial collection are hand painted with elements of glass glitter, gold foil, and silver chips. The small brush strokes and glimmer are magnified by the resin coating and make a beautiful earring. 

Custom Slabs

Each slab is small batch made and truly unique so there may be slight variations in every individual earring pair.


Dimensions: 2" in length


Polymer clay is extremely durable but all earrings should be treated with care to ensure a long life :) 

Care, these earrings are covered in resin and resin may yellow over long periods of time. To make sure that your earrings last a very long time they should be stored away from direct sunlight. 

Each earring is is dreamed up, custom colored, conditioned, cut, baked, hand drilled, assembled and photographed by me.